Arabesque Haveli

We take it back,

with classics and grace

An ode to Love,

transcending time and place

Followed by...

You’re the only fish in the sea for me...


Under the Sea

Twinkle, twinkle disco ball

Take her, take him, take us all

Up above to a higher place

Dancing together, forever in space


Amazing Room, 11.00 PM

Dress: Futuristic -

Sequins, Stars and Sparkles

V deck, 12.30 PM

Dress: 50 Shades of Iridescent

A Love Before Time. Throughout Time. And Beyond Time.

The Royal Wedding

Roses bloom, much like love

Blessings drip from up above

 In the bell glass, forever encased

Her heart and his, interlaced


The Enchanted Rose

The spell was complete, With the ding of the bell

When they checked in that night, To the Magic Heart Hotel.

 They danced and they twirled, With shock and delight.

The Magic Heart Hotel, Was a feast for the sight.

The Magic Heart Hotel

Al Joud Ballroom, 8.00 PM

Dress: Over The Top Indian

Firefly, 7.00 PM

Dress: Desert Couture

The Palace Ballroom

Shaun’s Baraat at 2.00 PM | Ceremony at 2.30 PM

Dress: Embellished & Opulent

Al Joud Ballroom

Cocktails at 7.30 PM

Reception at 9.00 PM

Dress: Black Tie

The trumpets sound, the angels sing

The Sheikha of Dubai met her LA King

 Opulent silks fill the sky

Macarons and rosé piled up high

 At the royal court, we gather, we feast

At this blessed marriage of West and East


Designed with love by Potesta Designs